Telefónica del Sur

Our company has been connecting southern Chile for more than 120 years. Today we provide multiple connectivity services between the cities of Concepción and Cochrane, delivering services to even the remotest parts of Chile.

Telefónica del Sur has a team of Fully Committed People offering the best service to our customers in both the residential market and to the major companies in southern Chile.

At Telefónica del Sur innovation is second nature and since the late 19th century our mission has been to bring the latest developments in telecommunications technology to our customers. From the first telephone lines in southern Chile to the first Fiber Optic to the Home networks.

Telefónica del Sur provides fixed-line telephone, internet, digital television, mobile telephone services, for our residential customers, while for the business sector we offer the full range of Grupo Gtd products and services. The best service at the best price always, for our customers in southern Chile.