From the very start, innovation has always been part of Grupo Gtd’s working practices. Our key innovation is the way we do business, our close customer relationships, listening to their needs and putting all our experience and knowledge at their disposal. With this approach we create technological solutions that are tailored to the specific needs to each customer. This makes us much more than just a telecommunications provider; it makes us a strategic partner, adapting to our customers’ needs and supporting them throughout their development.

This has been our ethos since the start, back when we provided telephone services to the financial sector or when we developed the first metropolitan fiber optic network in Latin America over 25 years ago. As our company has grown, this approach has allowed us to diversify our range and we have pioneered the development of new services, such as fiber to the home (FTTH) technology for residential customers and small enterprises, multiservice satellite links for customers in remote locations, a datacenter network throughout Chile and virtualization and IT services to support our customers in making critical computations. These are just some of the services that have originated from our commitment to finding solutions to the growing needs of our customers.

This commitment is what makes us one of the ten most innovative companies in Chile (according to the Most Innovative Companies Chile ranking) and is what drives and strengthens our growth.